Hogmanay; it's a new dawn, it's a new year! (Cheesey I know!)

Monday, 31 December 2012

Well hello there,
Just a quick one today, I'm currently tidying and getting ready to head through to Edinburgh for Hogmanay (in other words I'm packing a mini suitcase full of bottles of cocktails and Iceland party food, classy I know!) I'll be spending New Year with some of my best friends, cocktails, fireworks and plenty of party food :P I'll be uploading a 2012 round up in the next couple of days but for now, have an amazing evening everyone!! And I'll see (metaphorically in most cases!) in the New Year, some parts of 2012, have been difficult but all in all it's been a belter (did I really just say that...) bring on 2013!!

Last Hogmanay with one of my longest friends Ashley! One of my favorite pictures ever!!  This time last year was so rainy, let's see what tonight is like, have a great one everyone! :)

Till next YEAR,

P.S THANKYOUUUU! For reading my blog in 2012, I'm about to hit 3,000 views (a drop in the ocean to some) and I'm almost at 50 followers, without you all it would have never happened, thanks!! :)

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Well hello there,
Christmas is over!! :( Well it's been and gone, as I work in retail Christmas week for me is a rather manic one and though I had Christmas day off work, I've been working every other day this week (and today is my first day off since the 17th excluding Christmas day, rejoice!) nevertheless I had a lovely Christmas with my family and friends and was extremely lucky!

I hope you all had a wonderful day/week regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or another celebration :) 

Christmas day in my house always follows a fairly similar routine; waking up early (this year we had a bit of a lie in though :) till 8.30am) and opening presents! My younger brothers and I head through to my Mum and Dad's room and we open our presents from our stockings, we then all head down stairs to open the presents from under our tree, tres exciting! `After bacon sandwiches, cups of tea and a spot of Christmas morning telly we all got ready to head to the Grandparentals for Christmas dinner and general festiveness with the family. But it's probably best to show this in pictorial form ;) WARNING; picture heavy ;)

Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum.

Can't beat Christmas jammies!
Many of our Christmas tree decorations belong to me, that I have either been given as gifts or bought myself, a little eclectic but I love them!

Both my Meerkats are from Accessorize, adorable yes?

A present from one of the families I lived with whilst in Australia.

Who doesn't love glitter? I sure do as is evident from my snowman and Christmas pud :)

A decoration from Punkypins last year, it was free with my order and has my name engraved on it!

From my Brother's when I lived in Aus.

My Christmas tree has a kangaroo on it and is therefore one hundred times more awesome than yours! ;)

Some Christmas Eve activities;
Well deserved after work French Martini's with the Pinky's girls on Christmas Eve.

I made yummy Gingerbread cupcakes for everyone on Christmas Eve, at home, at work and even gave a couple in to my regular coffee shop as the staff are so lovely!

My favourite Christmas nails :) I had so many compliments on this set from a huge variety of people, I love the Christmas pud!
Christmas Day; presents first ;)
Santa knows me too well :P

Christmas morning t-shirt

Lucky, lucky, lucky... anyone spot my blog friendly pressie in the top right corner? My beaut of a camera! Also my secret obsession with Hello Kitty is now out :P

Love this by a local artist, from my lovely Mum and Dad; I had shown in to my Mum in the Made in Stirling shop and told her I loved it! :)

Little Lush bits and pieces.

Missmatched socks from NY from the Grandparentals, they know me too well!

Terrible picture quality (on the iPhone as opposed to my camera) but lovely Nail polishes from  The McMurray's :)
Buche de Noel I made, which I then forgot to take to the Grandparentals... oops, we had it on Boxing Day instead.

Grandpa, middle brother and my Daddy (in his DIY Christmas jumper complete with lights!)

Finlay's cool brogues... budding fashionista ;)

My Gran is such a cutie, personalised place settings!

Little brother and Auntie Doreen

Chocolate wine, heavenly :)

Christmas Day fireworks, a new tradition? :) 
So there we have it my Christmas Day, I enjoyed a day of food, wine, laughs, presents and spending time with my lovely family. On Boxing Day we had my Granny Helen over for dinner and a lovely catch up, I love spending time with my family at Christmas more than anything! I have been so lucky too, as well as my presents pictured I recieved lots of money and chocolates, and shall be purchasing an iPad mini in January! :) exciting times! Anyways I best be heading to bed, as I have work first thing tomorrow morning, have a lovely Sunday everyone! 

Till next time,


'Tis the season... to Partay!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Well hello there,
Ah Christmas, shopping, time with family, festive munching  and of course a good helping of parties :) And this year has been no different, there are the usual issues what to wear?! Weather issues (it's freezing/icy!) but unashamedly I love Christmas parties! I've been to five Christmassy parties/nights so far, 2 of which I was sick as a dog at (whilst I had the ol' laryngitis) but all the same they've all been lovely :)

First up was the Pinky's Christmas night out with the lovely Pinky's family :)After a few glasses of rose with the Pinky's lot, I headed down to my next party of the season; a charity fundraiser for 'Skye's American Dream'

"Skye was diagnosed as having a 'Pilocytic Astrocytoma' brain tumour when she was 3 years old. She has undergone 2 lifesaving operations to remove as much of the tumour as the surgeons possibly could. Sadly the tumour is positioned in a part of Skye's brain that makes complete removal impossible.
Skye has endured 12 months of chemotherapy with determination but unfortunately this has not stopped the tumour growing.
Skye's best hope of beating this illness is to undergo Proton Therapy. This Therapy is not currently available to cancer patients in the UK therefore Skye and her family will have to travel to America for three months in order to receive this life saving treatment." source 

The ball on the Saturday night raised over £6,000 which is incredible. If you want to find out more about Skye's American Dream or to donate click here.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling terrible (and no it wasn't a hangover...) with a voice which was fast disappearing, I worked all day Sunday feeling terrible, a trip to the doctor's on Monday told me I had laryngitis... just great Monday meant the Blogger's Christmas Party! Alas, I rested all day Monday and went to the party, sadly no drinking for me (well maybe one cheeky cocktail, but that doesn't count!) as pints of tap water were the order of the evening... I had a lovely evening with my fellow Scottish bloggers, catching up with some and meeting others for the first time, thankyou lovely ladies for a lovely evening, even if I was a little less chatty than usual! A big thankyou also to the amazing Monkey Bar (our hosts for the evening) *hint their cocktails are really good value!! Raspberry Mojito yum :) There was also a raffle in aid of Women's Aid Glasgow (we collectively raised £190 not bad for 30 bloggers!) and lucky me, I won three prizes :P A lovely USC clutch, vouchers for DIY Nails (YAYYYYY) and a print of a Tunnocks Tea Cake (I'll post a pic soon) by Gillian Kyle, which is ridiculously cool. And Christmas jumpers too, definitely a perfect Monday night, thanks to all the wonderful donators to the raffle, and Yelp Glasgow and Rox for their donations to the goodybags, you are all AMAZING! :)

Lastly a special thanks to Gillian, Roisin and Claire who due to their gigantic efforts organised our amazing Bloggers Christmas Party! You girls really do rock! :) *Oh and I forgot we also did Secret Santa, sadly I left my present behind :O luckily the lovely Roisin saved it for me!*

Tuesday I had to have my second ever sick day :( ordered by my Dad not to go to college as I was too sick, I slept all day and rested my voice (doctors orders! It was torturous!) suitably rested I headed through to Glasgow in the evening to the List Hot100 party with Gemma and Lynsey both from FaceKitt and two of their friends (sadly my plus one couldn't come :(! ) I allowed myself one cheeky Ginger Grouse; yummy Scottish ginger beer, though I wish I could have also tried the Innes and Gunn beer as it apparently tasted like banana bread! Another lovely evening chatting to bloggers and a cheeky wee photobooth too, equals a happy Iona!

The rest of the week was spent resting and at college, before my work night out on the Saturday! We went to The Meadowpark in Stirling, which up until recently was a pub and club next to the Uni, but had been completely renovated and is lovely! The food was amazing and the wine was certainly flowing, what a lovely night especially as some of the girls who have now left Monsoon came back for the night out :) I wore my Gok Wan bodycon dress for the first time, but discovered it needs a little adjusting as I felt a little exposed, as it's rather low cut... All the same I love Christmas nights out!

I hate this photo of me!! But Emily looks lovely,
at the Monsoon night out.

Christmas Jumper ALERT!
at the Bloggers Christmas Party :)

Mmmm Ginger Grouse, Hot100Party!

With my lovely Granny at the Christmas ball/disco for Skye's American Dream,
my Granny is the sweetest and best Granny ever!

Raspberry Mojitos at Monkey Bar,
these are truly amazeballs :D
Random Christmas lunch with the college lot at the Macrobert :) (well at least for Shaunna, Lewis and I anyways...)

The List Hot100 party with Gemma and her friend :) I look a mess in the first one...
haha photobooth fiends!
And there we have it a fair few Christmas parties :) I hope you are well, this week is pretty crazy for me! Working in retail, I've been so busy! And apart from Christmas day my next day off is the 29th of December, my last day off from work and college was the 17th! :O (Think of the pennies!!) anyways bed time for me as I'm up early tomorrow and shall be working till 7pm, no rest for the wicked eh?! Hopefully I'll have another wee post up before Christmas but if not have an amazing day everyone! (whatever religion you may be) I hope Santa spoils you all, and that you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, eat drink and be merry, I certainly will be :) now where did I put that bar of chocolate, I can hear it calling my name!
Till next time,


Tuesdays Talons no5. Festive Fun

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Well hello there,
7 DAYSSSSS!! Today is the 18th,  and I'll always remember the Facebook event 'International Answer the phone like Buddy day': "Buddy the elf, what's your favourite colour?" as it happened I didn't even recieve any phone calls today, go figure. So couldn't even put this into practice.

But anyways today was quite lovely, spontaneous and fun. I still have college this week, yes shockingly to those living in England and those at Uni, I don't finish till Thursday and my brother's later still on Friday!! There weren't many of us in today and in our first class we persuaded our lecturer not to show us a lecture (on DVD) by Stuart Hall, joyous! Instead a few of us decided we WANTED to go Ice Skating, drove to our local Ice Rink, only to find we were too early, 4 days too early that is! And that the rink wasn't open for skating today Booo, spontaneity ruined.

New plan needed, we headed to the Bowling Alley (which was nearby) but we were again early, only 10 minutes so we waited, soon after herds of school children descended and skipped in front of us straight into the bowling!! Cheeky! We spent a while wasting money at the arcade desperatley trying to win things on machines and playing basket ball before heading to the pub for lunch, where I ate a 'Monster Burger' (yes, that's what it's called) and then we returned to college for our last lecture, all in a days work eh...

Here's more festive nails my penguin ones which were in my post yesterday :) I'm currently changing them right now so may even do a Thursday's Talons post :P with whatever I come up with... This nail look is really simple, navy blue background (I used sparkly blue glitter on top too), white bellies, eyes, feet and a beak; easy! The snowy ones are even simpler; blue background, wavy white line of snow, and falling snow done with a dotter tool, not hard at all :)

I use a cheap nail art pen for the white from Poundland, though I do need to invest in a better one for intricate patterns, it's great for penguin bellies and squiggly lines.

P.S Have you heard about the Instagram T&C's changing... all a bit fishy there! I'm seriously looking into it and also downloading 'Tadaa' as a backup in case they don't change things. 
Anyways time for me to finish off tonight's nail art and watch a wee movie :) 
Till next time,


Life in Pictures... no.12

Monday, 17 December 2012

Well hello there,
Eek it's only 8 sleeps till Christmas!! Last week was super busy and I only managed two blog posts (sorry!) It didn't help that I had laryngitis (thankfully I now have my voice back!! hooray!) and was feeling rather crappy most of the week, add to that three Christmas parties/nights out, college and work, and sadly there's no time for blogging. But with a spare half hour I thought I'd put together last week's 'life in picture's' post :)

Today was my last day off before Christmas... crazy huh? I work in retail and Christmas is a little crazy, but I love it! I have two more days of college then the madness begins, with Christmas day off to spend with my lovely family. Due to all of this though I like to be fairly organised in the run up to Christmas! I'm completely finished my Christmas shopping now, with just a few bits to wrap :) So now in between working, meeting up with friends and family, Christmas movies, and everything else I can relax and not worry about last minute shopping! Today I went for a lovely lunch with my Granny and bought a couple of cute Christmas decorations and shockingly we are only putting our tree up today! :O Ah wells better late than never...

1. Dinner on the train on the way to the Bloggers Christmas Party, with festive Rudolph juice (Rudolph was not harmed in the making of this product!)
2. Noticing a theme anyone? Reindeer nails for the party :)
3. Festive attire for the Bloggers party, last year Primark mens jumper and PunkyPins holly necklace.
4. Allowed myself one cheeky cocktail despite being sickly :P Raspberry mojito yum!
5. New clutch bag I won in the Bloggers Christmas Party raffle!
We raised £190 for Glasgow Womens Aid!!
6. Dinner on the train to The List Hot 100 Party,
out two nights in a row with laryngitis, dedication ;)
7. Pretty Christmas lights in Glasgow.
8. Mmmm Ginger Grouse at The List Hot 100 party :)
9&10. Finally got round to putting up Christmas jumper pics from Monday...
this was Wednesday :P
11. The Beast! This was literally the best hot chocolate ever :)
12. Christmas candle time...
13. Penguin nails! Now I'm stumped as to what nails to do next though :/
14. Pretty jar candle.
15. Hangover cure after my work night out :P
16. So proud of my ten year old brother's Christmas book at school :D
17. Was super lucky and won another DIY Nails prize (in the raffle at the Bloggers Party) the lovely Tammy posted it out super quick!! I <3 DIY Nails! :)

So there we have it another week over and done with... and another week closer to the year being over, it's crazy how fast this year has flown! I shall be putting up a wee post tomorrow, hopefully about festivities, Christmas party anyone? Anyways have a lovely week everyone, till next time,